Hello! My name is Mojdeh (Maya)! Glad you are here.  I am a Mindfulness Life, Wellness, Trauma-Informed Coach & Reiki Master.  In my practice I support & empower clients to tap into their own inner wisdom—mind-body-spirit-emotions— to manage feelings of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and turmoil – so they may find harmony, thrive, and shine from within. I am committed to transformation, well-being, and peace within.

Like many, I have had my share of setbacks and health challenges, which have resulted in great empathy and compassion for others, and a desire to help and guide those who seek.

Whether in a group, one on one, in person, or online, I create a safe space that enables women (and men) to take charge of their health and address anxiety, fatigue, trauma, cravings, overwhelm, digestive challenges, blood sugar challenges, candida overgrowth, stress, and weight management – so they can live vibrant and happy lives … and Shine from Within!

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