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As a client of my health-building & wellness coaching program, you will… set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting work to achieve and maintain your ideal weight understand and reduce your cravings increase your energy levels feel great in your body learn about new foods and how you can easily … Continue reading PRIVATE COACHING


In today’s society children are faced with pressures and stressful situations almost as often as adults. Each generation is being handed a more stressful, demanding environment to live in – and less opportunity for relaxation, leisure time and personal space. Meditation, Guided Imagery, Energy Healing, and Nutritional Consultation are gentle and non-invasive tools for treating young … Continue reading KIDS & TEENS


  HEALTHIER, HAPPIER EMPLOYEES MEAN A MORE CREATIVE & PRODUCTIVE TEAM   Benefits of Workplace Wellness Programs Increased Creativity & Productivity Reduced Absenteeism & Presenteeism Increased Employee Satisfaction & Retention Cultivate Team Synergy Promote and encourage a Culture of Wellness Stabilize health care costs over time for both the company and employees Reduce health risks through … Continue reading WORKPLACE WELLNESS


Mindful Seasonal Clean Eating program  for a group of 6 and up (if you are a smaller group, don’t let that stop you, let’s talk!) Create Your Healthy Tribe Girlfriends of any age who want to have fun, get healthier, be guided and supported by a certified wellness coach Brides to be and their bridesmaids … Continue reading CLEAN EATING & DETOX