Benefits of Workplace Wellness Programs
  • Increased Creativity & Productivity
  • Reduced Absenteeism & Presenteeism
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction & Retention
  • Cultivate Team Synergy
  • Promote and encourage a Culture of Wellness
  • Stabilize health care costs over time for both the company and employees
  • Reduce health risks through education and understanding of available resources and services
Offerings (on-site, on-line, or a combination of both)
Our programs are focused on prevention and a healthier happier workplace, instead of disease management.
     Key Solutions:
  • Stress Management tools for becoming more stress resilient
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Wellness Workshops, Campaigns, and  Lunch & Learns  (Not just limited to the examples below)
    • Sleep Well to Live Well
    • Unplug to Recharge
    • Mindful Living at Work
    • Take Back Your Lunch (Simple steps to boost your health & energy)
    • Wellness Tips for Your Workday
  • 4 week Seasonal Clean Eating Programs
  • Focus on Healthy Eating:  Mindful Eating–Healthy Weight Management–Abundant Living     Six 2 part interactive modules that can be offered over the course of 6 or 12 weeks.
  • 1:1 on-site and virtual coaching to support individual work/life needs
At Shine From Within, we take a holistic approach to health–mind-body-spirit-emotions.
“An employer-sponsored program, designed to support employees as
they adopt behaviors that reduce health risks & improve quality of life,
will benefit the organization’s bottom line.”
Harvard Business Review