Enjoy eating balanced, nutritious meals.
No Fasting, No Starving, No Deprivation here!

The Program isn’t for everyone!

I  value each person and hope to be a source of inspiration and support for the participants of this program.  I’d rather work with a small group of people who are committed to themselves than a large group who are just looking for the next up and coming diet craze.

Our focus is Progress not perfection. If you slip, it’s OK—I am here to support you every step of the way. Just do Your best. The most effective way towards a healthier  holistic lifestyle is small sustainable steps.

This Program is Not for you, if

  •  You are used to the old paradigm of focusing on low fat, non-fat, calorie restrictions, etc. and not willing to change that focus to following a nutritionally balanced meal plan.
  • You feel awesome in your body, you have never felt better, and cannot possibly feel better than you already do
  • You are not willing to Mindfully engage in your well-being
  • You are used to and enjoy deprivation diets instead of focusing on Nourishing & Nurturing your body-mind
  • You don’t prioritize yourself and your health, and there is never time or the “right” time for you to take care of yourself

This Program IS for you, if

  • You are ready to stop making excuses, ready to commit to yourself and take charge of your well-being.
  • You are willing to skip highly processed ingredients and empty calorie meals.
  • You believe health is a journey and you are looking forward to taking this step forward on your journey
  • You are willing to invest some time in yourself whether preparing in the kitchen or arranging to make sure you eat the proper meals that are on the list… knowing that health building nutritious meals may take some extra lovin’ time
  • You want to leave confusion, deprivation behind
  • You would like to get supported by a board certified wellness coach
  • You’re nervous yet excited to get out of your comfort zone  🙂